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We help you to create your apps faster and easier

Watto Apps has developed its own framework to be able to create, configure and handle databases - integrated to the API’s of the most important social networks, payment platforms and content pages-, we also have created a method for developing graphic layouts that enables us to spread out content on the world’s most important platforms simultaneously.

Watto Apps is currently proposing releases in several digital platforms in order to target the highest addressable market: apps and games developed for Facebook can be brought to mobile platforms, always keeping its integration with other social platform intact.

Users are able to register very easily in our apps using login’s main tools (Facebook, Google+) and capturing their information in our database. Finally, based on the information uploaded on the database + Google analytics, we can understand each user’s profile individually, grasp usage trends and have a clear idea of the app’s effectiveness. Additionally, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) allow us to make the apps go viral and interactive.

Your time is important to us

We propose solutions in order to develop your ideas and make them even better. In Watto Apps we’re constantly innovating and taking advantage of the technology with all its tools so we can provide our clients the best solution possible. Additionally we carry your ideas onto the digital and globalized world, always within the time frame established in the first place.


Watto Apps offers a standard solution to create your eStore in your phone. You can create your coins or integrate a payment platform. These solutions include an administrative and control console to follow-up your sales and deliveries.


Coupons App are created to integrate POP initiatives to the most important social network platforms. Your users are able to gain or collect coupons with specific activities created by you. You can link your sales and your promotions with code control or QR code solution.


Casual Games are the best opportunity to connect with your customers with an interactive and fun experience. Watto Apps has integrated the games with Facebook to create a challenging atmosphere among users.

Video Sharing.

Watto Apps has created a fast solution to integrate Youtube and Facebook with flexible and fancy designs. Youtube channels, playlists or specific content are integrated to Facebook, which keeps the traffic in the Fan Page.

Photo Sharing.

Apps to make funny compositions from any device and share them later with friends are an extraordinary opportunity to create engagement between the brand or product and the users. This solution is able to be deployed in mobile phones, tabs or desktops. The main social networks features are integrated to this solution so the users can be identified in the database.


Make a survey integrated with Facebook is really easy and fast with our framework. A quick deployment and integration to the main social networks are the keys to identify trends and marketing information in order to understand needs, and follow the behavior of the customers and all their information.


Watto Apps is currently proposing releases in several digital platforms in order to target the largest amount of users possible: apps and games developed for Facebook can be also brought to mobile platforms, always keeping its integration with other social platforms intact.

Module & Scalable

Functionality is standardized and modularized so we can implement it, if the client requires it, in scalable mode. Our framework allows us to administer and make the apps “bigger” based on specific features requested by the client, such as: Push notifications, geolocation and dynamic data.


Our workflow is warranty of quality with testing process, project control and follow-up, documentation and preservation of the code’s integrity. Our servers are located in USA and the data storage is saved in reliable hosting services.

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