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Watto Apps: Where your ideas come true

Watto Apps was founded in 2009 to develop digital content as part of Watto Studio. Since that year, it has developed a framework to integrate cool designs, social networks and complex databases. Watto Apps is supported by Watto Post (with more than 10 years of VFX experience) to deliver fancy GUI (Graphical User Interface) and extraordinary designs in advertising sector.

Watto Apps is focusing on complex solutions for the business sector and to integrate them, not only for advertising applications but also including SQL databases and attractive designs to deploy in both mobile and desktop platforms.



Watto Apps counts with a team of programmers divided by specialty: Web Development (HTML, JavaScript – jQuery, YUI, etc. --, PHP and SQL – MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.--), and Game Development (Unity3D, C#, Kinect, XNA, PhysX, & Flash) & Design (Maya, Mudbox, After Effects, Photoshop & Illustrator). This provides us with great versatility to develop APPS for different platforms. Watto Apps is focused on APPS and game development for mobile platforms (iOS & Android SDKs) and social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flikr).

Graphic Development

Additionally, we incorporate the whole Watto Post team in the graphics development, which has over 10 years of experience in post-production and VFX. The Watto Post graphics department develops every 3D and 2D elements necessary for high quality games and Apps

Our Value Proposition

We implement our developments on the most popular platforms simultaneously.

Functionality is standardized and modularized.

Integration with the main social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram.


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