All the features for the most important platforms.

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You can develop your idea and choose the features you want.

Scalable Modular

Standardized solutions: In Watto Apps we’ve detected our clients’ main needs and have standardized products adapting them with the most common requirements.

Scalable solutions: Our framework allows us to administer and make the apps “bigger” based on specific features requested by the client, such as: push notifications, geolocation and dynamic data.

Social networks functionality: Social networks increase the number of possibilities and app functionality both to identify the user and to expand his friends’ network. Watto Apps offers the possibility of growing in a scalable form by adding some of these features: login, posts, recommendations.

Features for each solution

Fast Deployment

Watto Apps developed a database manager that interacts with the API’s of the most important social networks, payment platforms and content managers. It combines with interfaces that adapt quickly to the world’s most used platforms.


Our developments integrate login’s most important tools enabling fast and easy user recognition.

Interface development

It is done in web language (HTML, JavaScript, CSS), C-Objective and Java that allows fast implementation within all the platforms simultaneously.

Graphic User interface design (front-end)

Adapts to every platform and empowers its characteristics. The design is developed and supervised by Watto Post with over 10 years in graphic developments and user experience.

Database manager (back-end)

Standardized and compatible with the most important social networks, content managers and payment platforms. It allows us to capture and manage all the data coming from it.

Standardized database

Enables dynamic data management in order to handle real-time content.

Secure data and content management

Administration of the users, its information and content access.

Detailed info about each social network
Social Network

Social Network

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Most common social networks usage

Social Network

Identifying the user

Users are able to register very easily from within our apps using login’s main tools (Facebook, Google+) and capturing their information in our data base.

Defining the user’s profile

Through analysis’ tools (Facebook Developers and Google Analytics) we can understand the user’s general profile.

Understanding user’s behaviour

Finally, based on the information uploaded on the data base + Google analytics, we can understand each user’s profile individually, grasp usage trends and have a clear idea of the app’s usability. Additionally, social networks (Facebook, Twitter) allow us to make the apps go viral.

Content Manager

Watto Apps offers the CMS - Content Management System - to filter or control the content is published in any social network. This feature is very important when users are posting content about a brand or a company in any social network platform. For example, if a photo uploader is created, the pictures are reviewed before publishing in any platform.

Additionally, content can be published in real time on any platform and manage remotely wherever you are and whenever you want.

Backend Console